newest reel!

finally I can show you my newest reel! ^__^

All the animations in this video are done by me. Critiques are very welcome :)


Rigs provided by Animation Mentor (Bishop, Stella, Stewart, Sloan), Josh Burton (Morpheus) and Joel3D (horseRig)
Rendering Shot 4 done by M. Chris Kerstan -

hope you liked it and see you soon! :D

blocking time

since a few weeks I have a new laptop. It's a windows and since I worked with mac the last years it's a big conversion of workflow and organization. Well that's not even the biggest problem ^^" I don't find my windows-monitor-cable (since mac uses a different type -_-) for my second monitor, so now my workspace looks like this:

that was seriously the best solution I came up with :D I definitely have to buy an HDMI- cable! Can't work this way XD but hopefully I can show you the finished blocking as soon as possible!

Have a great week!


I finally decided what to do with my next assignment! It'll be much more funny than my other ones (I hope) and there'll be much more to train for me! I want to show you at least what my character will look like:

Arrrrr! It's a pirate! Arrrrr!
He'll swing his sword a bit and yeah... doing pirate-stuff :)
I'll show you my animation, maybe even a blocking as soon as I can!

See yaaaaaa!


The first part of my Organ-Project is finished (to be exact it is a really rough version) and so I give of myself again to a very important thing in 3D: Rigging.
I'm not a rigger and I'm doing it just because I want to have my own rig (right now I animate with free downloadable Rigs, and that's in the long run a bit boring. Well, not boring but... I kinda prefer rigs that are easy to use and the most rigs you can download are just too much detailed for the animations I want to make).
So I used Vivien for rigging-tests. I'm really horrible at rigging. So I gave it up and modified her model :D

Here you see my unfinished Rig. Maybe I'm going to ask a good friend of mine to do the arms. He already did an awesome IK/FK switch. So I hope I'm able to finish this rig in the near future! Wish me luck :)

and it goes on!

so there's not much time left! so I wanted to share something new with you from my organ-project.
right now I try to draw the patterns on the pipes, and slpit up the work with two of my colleges. the first is doing the Maria with Mudbox (I did only the lox-poly Mesh for him to work with), the second one is struggling right now with the UTE and trying to texture my modellings :) I'm so sorry for him... but everything is going well and I hope I can show you the final result soon!

have a nice weekend,

Organ Mega Project

Until next week I have to finish this little peace of awesomness! I'm so happy that I was asked to build this Organ in 3D.
A few Bachelor-Students asked me to do a short sequence for their homepage they're planning right now. They want to sample the registries of the organ and that everybody understands that, I shall make that sequence. So last week we visited the Organ and I made my reference-pictures. So I decided that I show you a few steps from the beginning til the end. So! Here's my first step for you! It's extremly raw but I hope you like it anyway!


Vivien Rig

Good evening!
Today I wanna show you a private project I'm working on since a few weeks. Since I love animation and I love to animate characters I wanted to have my own character to work with. So I designed and modelled this character. I called her Vivien :) I had no particular reason for naming her that way.

Right now I try to rig her with the help of my mentor Ingo Clemens. I'm very unexperienced at rigging so it'll take a while until I can show you something animated with her.

As you can see, her model is not even finished yet. I have to re-new her face and her hands (they're really crappy! You can be happy that you don't see them from close up). And of course her dress-like top. I really don't know what I thought about that. It's crazy!